a little about me

I am a wife to a wonderful husband and we are enjoying the beginnings of married life! When Damian and I met we actually didn't like each other very much! It's kind of a crazy story how it all ended up working out but we eventually made up and then were married on September 13th, 2008 in Salt Lake City, UT.

We ended up making a quick decision and moved to Seattle, WA in 2009 for a job for Damian. It was a tough move, but totally a God thing! We absolutely love it here and bought a house soon after.

 We have two adorable dogs (Obi - top and Bella - bottom) who are completely spoiled and are treated like our children.

We enjoy watching movies together, getting together with friends, and loving and serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him we would have nothing. I do all things to glorify Him, even crafting!

My husband loves to cook and is a competitive pool player since he was 13! He has won many tournaments and feeds the tummy's of all of our friends!

I decided to start this blog because I have a new found passion and hobby of DIY, repurposing and refurbishing. I love to see fashion or home furnishings and I think to myself, "I could make that!" I love to go to garage sales and consignment shops and find new projects, but I want to show them to the world! So here is my new outlet for just that! I hope you all enjoy!