Sunday, April 15, 2012

For the love of...ladders

About six months ago I went to a DIYer's heaven! It was the Junk Salvation put on by the Funky Junk Sisters. There was so much inspiration, ideas, and "junk" to buy and refurbish! What caught my eye was an old ladder in the back of this one booth. I just had to have it!

See I have been in love with the leaning bookcases and shelves I've seen at places like Crate&Barrel seen below, BUT I could not bring myself to spend $149!

So here is my leaning ladder shelf!

First, I had to separate the two sides. Depending on how the ladder is made, this may be done in various ways. Mine was a really old ladder, so it took some elbow grease and trial and error but we got it apart! I put a fresh coat of paint on and sanded the edges to give it a shabby chic look. I added some cute framed pictures and nic nacs. It is seriously a center piece in my home now! People ask and comment on it all the time. Below I have put together some other recycled ladder ideas. Happy hunting!

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